Dog License

Dog Licensing Information

*All individuals need to obtained a license once for the lifetime of the dog with proof of vaccination.
*All individuals who own a dog within the city limits that is three (3) months or older shall have the dog licensed.

Lifetime Dog License - $25.00
Duplicate Tag - $5.00
Transfer Tag - $5.00 If an individual needs a duplicate tag for a dog that is already licensed, the fee is $5.00 per tag.  If a city licensed dog would pass within one year of the application of license, the individual can transfer that license to a new dog with a new application.  

There are specific ordinances related to animals licensing in St. James. You can find information on laws regarding animal licensing in the city ordinance.

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View the Animal Licensing FAQs to find answers to common questions regarding animal licensing such as when to get a license for your pet, how many animals you can keep, and how long licenses are valid.