Rental Permit


City ordinance requires all owners of residential rental property to obtain a Rental Housing License. The purpose of issuing a rental housing license is to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the rental housing occupants and to protect the character and stability of all buildings and property within the city of St. James.

How to obtain an Rental License

The steps involved in obtaining a rental license are:

  1. Fill out a Rental Application   (If you email your form, remember to mail a check to City of St. James, PO Box 70, St. James, MN 56081 with the fee listed in #2 or bring it to City Hall.)
  2. Return completed application along with $50.00 (up to four units within one Building) fee to City Hall
  3. After a review of the application, City Hall will contact the Landlord by mail, email or phone to set up a rental inspection
  4. Rental Inspection with City Rental Inspector
  5. After passing inspection, a rental housing license will be issued for the current year

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Tenant Complaint Form