Attending Trainings / Meetings

Each fire fighter attending a regular training session / meeting is paid $15 for their attendance. The fire fighter must be available promptly at the beginning of the training session/meeting to be eligible for this amount.


Each fire fighter responding to a paged call is paid $15 for their attendance. No fire fighter will be given credit for attending a call once the trucks begin returning to the fire hall. If the call is cancelled, fire fighters that are on the way to the fire hall are to continue to the fire hall to be counted for attending the call.

Special Details

Occasionally, special details will be announced, and pay for attendance of these details will be at $15 per detail. Fire fighters are encouraged to attend special details as often as possible.

Payment Frequency

Payment for attendance at meetings, fire calls, and special details is made by the city once a year, usually in early December.

Retirement Benefit

A retirement benefit is available to those fire fighters who remain active on the department a minimum of 10 years. Full retirement benefits are paid to those members of the department who serve at least 20 years of active duty on the St. James Fire Department and have reached the age of 50. For those members who serve less than twenty years, but at least ten years, a percentage of the retirement benefit will be given (after the fire fighter reaches age 50).

For More Information

For more information, call the fire hall at (507) 375-1220.