55 Alive Classes

55+ Driver Discount Program

 The Driver Discount Program is a state approved accident prevention/insurance discount course that is open to the public; pre-registration is required. A MN Highway Safety & Research Center certified instructor teaches this class. Participants will be provided the latest information in regards to driver and traffic safety, new vehicle technology and updates with traffic laws. This class has something for everyone! 

Tuesday, September 26th (1:00pm - 5:00pm) Refresher Course
Community Building

*The fee for the four-hour refresher course is $24.00*

YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER BY calling TOLL FREE 1(888)234-1294 or online at www.driverdiscountprogram.com 

Persons age 55 and older who complete the course qualify for an approximate 10% discount on their auto insurance premiums for three years. First time participants must complete the initial eight hours of training and a four-hour refresher class every three years to maintain the 10% discount.

You can also go to website at www.driverdiscountprogram.com to sign up for the in-person class or if you prefer you can take online training class.

 Please contact Tammy Stevens at (507) 375-3241 with any questions
*12 people per class minimum will be required to hold the class.