Snow in St. James

Snow in St. James

St. James will inevitably have to consider snow during the winter months. A snow emergency, as described below, may be declared. Accumulation under 3" may not warrant a snow emergency, however residents are encouraged not to park cars on public streets during these minimal snow events. The Street Department can provide a more efficient and better quality snow clean-up if vehicles have been moved from the street.

Declaring a Snow Emergency

The City of St. James may declare a snow emergency after an accumulation of three (3") inches or more of snowfall. During a snow emergency, no vehicle may park on any city street until the street has been completely cleared / plowed from curb to curb.

Any vehicle parked in violation of this parking restriction shall be issued a $125 ticket for the first offense, and a $150 ticket for subsequent offenses during the same snowfall. Vehicles found in violation will also be towed at the owners’ expense.

Learn When a Snow Emergency is Declared

Any time snowfall is in the forecast, and especially when it starts to snow, there are a number of ways to find out if snow-related parking rules are in effect.

  • Call the Snow Emergency Hotline - residents can phone (507) 375-8296 24-hours a day to hear a recorded message outlining if a snow emergency has been declared.
  • Check the City of St. James website - A snow emergency will be announced on the City of St. James homepage.
  • Check your email - You can subscribe to the City of St. James Email Notify Me Notification service and receive email notification when snow emergencies or other winter parking rules have been put into effect.
  • Check your phone - You can subscribe to the City of St. James Text Message Notify Me Notification service and receive text messages to your phone when snow emergencies or other winter parking rules have been put into effect.
  • Facebook - You can view snow emergencies on the City of St. James’s facebook page.
  • Twitter - Snow emergencies will be placed on Twitter.
  • Tune in to local media - Media outlets including radio, television, and associated press are notified of snow emergency declarations.
  • Watch Public Access Television - You can watch the local public access station, channel 8, for information about the declaration of a snow emergency.


Sidewalks are to be cleared of all snow and ice by the owner of the adjacent property within 12 hours after the end of a snowfall.

Placing of Snow on a Public Street

It is a misdemeanor for any person to remove snow from private property and place it on a public street.

It is against City ordinance to plow snow across City streets.

Residents are encouraged to keep their mailbox visible so snow plow operaters are able to see them.

Snow Removal Questions

Please call City Hall at (507) 375-3241 during business hours if you have any questions about snow removal.