New Water Meters

We're coming to visit your property!

This summer the City of St. James will be replacing all of the water meters with new electronic read meters. This process will require access to all properties to change out the old meter inside your house or business with the new. All meters - including residential, commercial, and industrial - will be replaced.

What does this mean for you as a property or business owner?

  • Why is this being done? Federal law requires that all new and replacement meters have a low lead content.
  • Manufacturers are no longer supplying the type of meters that are currently in your property.
  • The new meters will give the City the ability to better monitor the time of your water usage, therefore helping you identify when you have excessive water usage.
  • Do I have to have my meter changed out? Yes, all meters - residential, commercial and industrial - in the City will be changed.
  • Does this meter change-out include the sprinkler meter? Yes, this meter will be changed out at the same time as your regular water meter.Ferguson Installer Blake
  • Who is going to pay for the new meter? The meter and installation costs will be paid for out of the capital expenditure fund of the water department.

What should I do now?

The water replacement work has begun! Soon you will be receiving a letter outlining the information about what you should do in order to have your water meter replaced. Even if you have not gotten a letter yet, you may call Ferguson, the water meter installing company, to schedule your appointment for your new meter installation. Ferguson Waterworks can be reached at (855) 848-2839.

Who will be coming to my property to change the meters?

Ferguson Installer DaveFerguson Meter installer Blake The City has hired Ferguson to do the water meter change out work. The installers that you may see are Dave or Blake.