Adopt a Park (1)Program Objective
To organize a volunteer effort to clean, beautify, develop and build pride in the city parks of St. James. Park Adopters serve as key community representatives for their park by organizing a community-based volunteer group, and making an ongoing commitment to improving their park.

Who can participate? 
 The program is open to individuals, families, groups, religious organizations, service organizations, schools, businesses, and other community organizations.
What are the program benefits?
 Participants will volunteer to positively impact the appearance, quality, and safety of our city parks while creating teamwork and the satisfaction of bettering our city as a group. Participant’s name/group/business will be acknowledged on an Adopt-a-Park sign placed in a designated area of their adopted park. 
Volunteer Commitment
Pick up litter in and around your adopted site at least once a week. Responsibilities will include picking up paper, cans, broken glass (when this can be done safely), other garbage and placing it in trash bags. 

* Service is to be completed during daylight hours and in good weather conditions. 
* Only approved tasks should be performed during service. 
* If you are picking up litter, use caution in handling collected items. Do not crush collected items; broken or jagged objects could  cause injury. Do not try to pick up heavy, large or hazardous materials. Notify Public Works for pickup of these materials.