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  1. 1. Personal Information
  2. 2. Only Police, Fire and Ambulance position applicants should answer the questions in this section
  3. 3. Skills and License
  4. 4. Education
  5. 5. Work Experience
  6. 6. References
  7. 7. Signature
  8. 8. Equal Employment Opportunity Information
  9. 9. Authorization for Release of Information
  10. 10. Application for Veterans Preference Points
  11. 11. Disclaimers
  12. 12. Minnesota Data Practices Act Privacy Notice Tennessen Warning
  13. 13. Tennessen Warning
  • Personal Information

    1. Do you have a different mailing address?*
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    3. Do you have an additional phone number?*
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    5. Are you legally eligible to work in the U. S.?*
      If hired, you will be required to provide documentation that you are eligible to work in the United Stated.
    6. To your knowledge, do you have any family who work in the department for which you are applying?*
    7. Employment condition desired*
      Check all those that apply
    8. Are you willing to relocate if you live outside the City's call-back area?*
    9. Has the City of St. James previously employed you? *